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Shine Brighter, Longer.

Shine Brighter, Longer.

We all know you have to look after your jewellery, but how many of us actually do it? You LOVE your new haul, but you also want it to last, so you have to show your jewellery some love.

We're giving you the 411 on looking after and storing your jewellery with little to no fuss. At Lynott, we've got the BEST pieces and we know you love them as much as we do. Your jewellery is more than just accessories – they're like your personal hype squad, boosting your vibe wherever you go, making them plain outfits a little more interesting and adding personality to your style each day. But with great bling comes great responsibility. Think about it: everyday wear exposes your jewellery to all sorts like dirt, oils, creams, fake tan and pollution, which can totally kill their shine. And don't even get us started on improper storage – that's a one-way ticket to Tangle Town and Scratch City.


By showing your bling some TLC and storing it properly, you're basically giving them VIP treatment, ensuring they stay at their best for as long as possible. Say goodbye to tarnish and water damage – our jewellery is built to go the distance, and by looking after them after purchasing, you can get even more time out of your Lynott goodies.

Our top tips:

  • Keep away from moisture & water including showers, baths, swimming pools & the sea.
  • Keep away from chemicals, perfume, lotions, moisturiser & false tan.
  • Give your jewellery regular breaks from wearing & take off when sleeping.
  • Remove your jewellery while playing sports or any physical activity, the natural sweating process of the body can damage them.
  • Store in a closed bag/box. The best way to protect it is to use Lynott packaging your piece came in or in one of our gorgeous jewellery storage units.

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